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Here at Toronto SEO Professional we offer the latest in optimization knowledge and technology. We are updated daily on optimization techniques by Google, MSN and Yahoo. We are continuously upgrading our award winning custom search algorithm tools to offer you the best possible SEO services in the nation.

Discovering New Opportunities – This step is essential when it comes to understanding brand opportunities and defining future business goals as well as the target market. This is a cyclical process that helps entrepreneurs grow their business, step by step.

Defining Business Objectives – Setting goals is vital for the success of any business, and in order to do so the business owner must be fully aware of the business accomplishments until the present day. It often happens that business owners cannot define and prioritize their business goals all by themselves – this is where the Inbound Marketer steps in and facilitates the process.

Market Research – One of the main reasons why search engine optimization has an overall bad reputation is because people are not providing high-quality, unique content and they use black hat SEO techniques. This is why market research is important, and every professional SEO company should provide tailored solutions based on the needs of every business.


Audience Research – When it comes to audience research, there is a wide variety of tools and software that can provide accurate data. The data will come in handy for every future marketing campaign. The Adwords Keyword Tool for webmasters or the Facebook Ads Tool are only two of the most commonly used audience research tools at the moment. In addition, Facebook Insights is especially designed to provide relevant demographic information, while the Double-click Ad Planner provides useful information about the demographics of existing websites.

Analytic – Analytic data is essential, as we want to understand our visitors and define the profile of the ideal visitor. Keyword performance plays a pivotal role when it comes to mining analytic information such as search data. Analytics data is important for tracking the audience, understanding the visitors and customize a website in order to improve it in such a way that it best meets the needs of the visitors.

Quantitative Analysis – When we analyze the market, we take into account a variety of complex points regarding demographics, for the most accurate data. Quantitative Analysis helps webmasters understand their visitors and their competition, and it is important for identifying new opportunities that will determine people choose a particular business over the competition.

Timeline – Since the Google Penguin and Panda updates of 2011/2012 there is no way any SEO can place a time-line on your front page placement. If they say they can that is an HUGE red flag, turn around and run! The general rule of SEO thumb is, “The more general your search terms are the longer it will take.” It is a matter of consistent off-page and on-page optimization, that and a whole lot of patience.

Keyword Research – Keyword research is by far one of the most important aspects when it comes to SEO. The purpose of this research is to identify the most relevant keyword for a business, and to see whether that particular business truly matches your business goals. In addition, keyword research also helps creating useful, unique content that will attract visitors in the long run and keep them interested.

Asset Inventory – Just as the name implies, this practice refers to analyzing the business products and services you have to offer to your customers, and to use the business assets for improving the marketing campaign.

Site Audit – The Site Audit process is especially designed to meet the latest SEO techniques and methods: it is more comprehensive, and it is more oriented towards the target audience.

Content Audit – The purpose of this process is to carefully analyze the content of your pages: it involves doing a word count and properly optimizing the content to make it a grade 12 reading level.

Brand Relationship – Determining your business relationship with other important brands from your niche is another essential aspect. The purpose of this process is to determines the groups and companies you are involved with.

Competitive Analysis – This is another important aspect, as it aims to determine how your competition is attracting and managing its target audience. By analyzing other businesses and understanding their ways of attracting customers, we can provide tailored solutions for your business.

Measurement Planning – This practice aims to determine the Key Performance Indicators regarding your audience and business goals.

Content Development And Strategy – This is also a vital aspect as the success of a business is directly linked to the quality of content development. Content development and strategy can be a daunting task, but this is why our creative teams are here to exploit ideas to their fullest. We will provide content ideas and explain you how they will connect to your business profile.

Content Ideas – Social media platforms can provide precious information about your target audience, information that we will use to create content and to come up with correlated keywords.

WireFrames – SEO and CRO are highly important for the success of a business, this is why these practices must be properly integrated in the design of your website, for the best results. Our creative design teams will do just that!

Building Content – After dealing with all the above-mentioned aspects, it is time to move on to building content. We are committed to delivering high-quality content based on your business profile.

Technical Development – Technical search engine optimization is vital, this is why we make sure that your website design and content is properly optimized, and that the structure of the site is solid.

Technical Build – This job is assigned to the technical team – after mentioning everything in the wireframes, the tech team moves on to the technical building process. Constant communication with the team is essential for maximum efficiency.

Implementation Audit – We take pride in providing top-notch services, this is why we always carefully check the work of our creative team and technical team. The purpose of the implementation audit is to discuss the issues mentioned in the wireframes, and determine whether they were solved successfully.

Social Strategy – When it comes to SEO, link building is not the only aspect we take care of. We develop social strategies that meet the needs of your business and we believe in high-quality link building. We avoid low-quality tactics and we focus on the top-notch techniques that attract visitors, like PR and social media. The purpose is to make link velocity appear as natural as possible, to make search engines rank your website higher. Social strategy is all about casting the widest target audience, and it is a highly important aspect.

Link Strategy – This refers to the link building process and complementary content launches that aim to improve website ranking while attracting more visitors. Moreover, this technique also involves manual submission link building, it is a complex process that can deliver outstanding results, just like a PR campaign.

Press Release – News are important as they raise the visibility of a business – they can weigh more than content and SEO. This is why PR techniques are part of our social strategy: we aim to give your prospects news to read, like and share, therefore raising brand awareness.

Social Media – While it is great for socializing, social media has an immense marketing potential as well. This way, we can find influencers and people who can contribute to your business, people from your target audience who can help you define your business goals. Sharing content on social media and keeping in touch with customers is important for the success of your business. Moreover, social media is also a great way to get quality feedback from customers.

External Measurements – This is a valuable step when it comes to online marketing, as it focuses on audience and business goals. It involves aspects like the bounce rate of a keyword. Measurements make online marketing far more effective than traditional marketing.

Rank Reporting – This step is especially customized to meet the profile of each and every business. Website rank reports will be provided based on the client’s business goals, and it will include information about traffic, keywords, ranking, keyword conversions. The purpose of the report is to provide valuable information about the visitors and why they have chosen to visit your site.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization – “is an art” – we know how important SEO is to businesses, this is why we take this practice seriously and we use the best and most efficient, latest off and onpage optimization techniques!

Conversion Rate Optimization – Specializing in SEO we will properly optimize your CRO rates with our separate Conversion Rate Optimization Team to run A/B Tests, Usability Tests then report back to us.